Inside Amalfi Luxury Tour: Our Vehicles

Inside Amalfi Luxury Tour: Our Vehicles

Amalfi Luxury Tour thinks that it is not only the destination that matters but also the journey.

A trip on the road has always been considered one of the best and easiest journeys, as you can admire the landscapes from the car windows just relaxing on your car seat.

Our private tours ensure a luxury trip with the possibility of different itineraries to let you discover our region in the most comfortable way.

"Seat on our vehicles and let us show you our beauties".

We always make sure that our guests feel welcomed on our vehicles giving quality to their trip.

Our Cars

We offer the availability of 3 types of cars. All Mercedes branded, they have different capacity of people:

  1. The first car is a Mercedes E class, which offers a maximum capacity of 3 people.
  2. The second car is a Mercedes V class which offers a maximum capacity of 8 people.
  3. The third car is a Mercedes Sprinter which has a maximum capacity of 14 people, so it’s the biggest vehicle available.

Our vehicles have the possibility to transport luggage as well and, depending on the number of people, we can guarantee one luggage for each person, so up to 14 luggage. Reason why our vehicles ensure you can carry with you everything you consider important during your holidays without the stress of limited space or luggage weight.

With your personal belongings in our vehicles , you will feel much more relaxed.

A Luxury Trip on the Road

Our roundtrip can start from two different places (Naples or Rome) with the possibility of different pick up points:

  • Airport
  • Train Station
  • Cruise Port
  • Directly from your Hotel

Take advantage of a roadtrip which gives you the possibility of a roundtrip trasportation without worrying about public transports’ times. Feel free to have plenty of time to visit the beauty of Italy, as your driver will escort you to the main points of the chosen destination.

By car we can escort you to Amalfi and Positano, Rome, Montecassino Abbey, Paestum Greek Temples. During your journey with us you will feel at home because you will have all the comforts; on our Mercedes it is possible, in fact, to read newspapers, stay on your phone or laptop as we have the availability of wifi, and we will also provide you dry snacks and drink bottled water, soft drinks or prosecco.

Feel free to enjoy your time in these unique and ancient locations, breathe their history directly from our luxury vehicles.

We look forward to take you to our destinations and let you enjoy a relaxing road trip on one of our vehicles. For more info in regard to our tours, contact us!

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Our exclusive services will respond to your individual needs, offering you the choice between the different types of solutions and our personalized journeys. Let our experienced travel consultants envision tailor-made itineraries just for you and give yourself the opportunity to be fully present in the dreamy moments. We take care of your deep interests by knowing the products, destinations, and relying on the strong bridges we have built year-by-year alongside our partners' network.

Passion for excellence… This is what the word “luxury” means for us. Let us take you into the heart of your Amalfi Coast.

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